Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows

Not a soundtrack, but one of those dubiously marketed compilations masquerading as "music inspired by the motion picture" (read: not actually in it), Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows is actually a fairly decent collection of radio-friendly mainstream alt-rock, mixed with a little flat-out mainstream rock (Bryan Adams is here with "Only the Strong Survive"). There's post-grunge from Days of the New ("Touch, Peel and Stand"), alt-metal from Rob Zombie ("Superbeast"), and indie-rock from the notoriously un-macho Sebadoh ("Flame," a rather bizarre selection for a wrestling comp), to list a few of the bigger names, as well as wrestler Bret "Hitman" Hart's actual ring entrance/exit music, written by Bryan Adams guitarist Keith Scott. Much of this material was written before the film Wrestling With Shadows was released (in some cases, years before), meaning that it's silly to suggest any of this music was "inspired" by the movie -- it's probably just that no executive has yet coined the phrase "music to fit the mood of the motion picture," which in this case is a much more accurate description. Still, it's not a bad listen if you like these particular styles and/or artists, which hang together pretty well. ~ Steve Huey

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