Lady Godiva

by: Peter & Gordon

When the duo launches into a cover of "Exodus" as the second cut on the LP, one's heart can't help keep from sinking. Yes, it's another underachieving Peter & Gordon album, mixing flashes of solid folk-pop-rock songwriting and singing with a bevy of anachronistic cover versions. The novelty hit "Lady Godiva" is likely the only song here familiar to most listeners. Most of them won't be interested in hearing the pair tackle standards like "A Taste of Honey," "When I Fall in Love," "Till There Was You," and "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" (which aren't nearly as good, indeed, as their take on "Exodus"). Yet amongst this gloppily orchestrated material is an Asher-Waller original, "The Morning's Calling," that sounds extremely influenced by the 1966 Byrds. The sole other original, "Start Trying Someone Else," does have the swelling orchestration typical of many of their arrangements, yet here they actually manage to make the overwrought aura work in favor of the tune rather than against it. Collectables combined Lady Godiva and the 1966 album Woman onto a single-CD release, with the addition of two bonus tracks from singles, "Jokers" and "Knight in Rusty Armour." ~ Richie Unterberger

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