Best of Peter Tosh [VCT]

by: Peter Tosh

Different by just a handful of tracks, Virgin's 2008 Peter Tosh Best Of is a close replica of their 2003 Best Of, which is the better deal. For one, the 2003 version has the epic live recording of "Equal Rights/Downpresser Man," but more than that, it doesn't have the generic packaging thrown on this one, designed to fit in a series with no informative liner notes required. Still, "Bush Doctor," "Johnny B. Goode," "Maga Dog," and "(You Gotta Walk And) Don't Look Back" with Mick Jagger (who isn't even mentioned in the track listing) are all essential Tosh tracks. The prime material on the rest of the disc makes this well above worthwhile, but it has also been collected before and in a much more respectful packages. The high score this faceless set earns is strictly based on the music. ~ David Jeffries

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