by: Phil Collins

An uplifting, enlightening, and soothing peek into the '80s and rock workhorse singer/songwriter Phil Collins. This drummer/vocalist from mega-group Genesis brings out all of the magic from bag for this daring, sizzling record, scoring four smash hits with the passionate, emotionally resonant "Take Me Home"; the red-hot "Sussudio"; the fervent "Don't Lose My Number"; and the dreamy "One More Night." The positive thing about 12"ers is that this is a perfect fit for a dance record, meaning all the material is made up of mixes with brilliant flashes of layered creativity. Throughout the record one hears his trademark percussive statements and dramatic keyboard soundscapes. Perhaps the main thing that jumps out is Collins' endearing vocals, which contain a remarkable range, purity, and sincerity -- on both the danceable and the relaxing melodies. Registering at over 40 minutes long, Collins takes his charming and flamboyant efforts to greater heights with this spirited work. The album is a great way to reflect back on one's wondrous memories of '80s life. This will find the listener in the middle of an enjoyable musical experience, especially for those who were and continue to be a part of Collins' fan base. ~ Shawn M. Haney

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