Unlucky Stars

by: Point One

It's not often that a band is able to list both Metallica and Radiohead as its two prime influences, but that's exactly what Point One claim. However, throughout their third full-length, 2007's Unlucky Stars, the Seattle-based group definitely leans more toward the metallic (or more precisely, "nu metallic"). But that's not to say that the group doesn't show flashes of finding its own voice -- as evidenced by the standout "Monochrome Mistress," which features some mighty boogie metal riffing. However, at other times the group is susceptible to falling into the same-sounding quagmire of other similarly styled groups -- especially the melodic "Crime" and "Drama Queen" (the latter of which sounds like something you would've heard a hopeful contestant sing for Rock Star: Supernova). Still, if it's melodic metal that you're after -- with a few interesting twists and turns -- Unlucky Stars is worth a shot. ~ Greg Prato

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