Yoga Tranquility

by: Riley Lee

Riley Lee is probably the most famous Western musician to use the shakuhachi, a flute that creates a very windy, bizarre sound. His finely tuned abilities are an incredible example of the instrument's power. But he has proven most of this on his previous albums, and on Yoga Tranquility it's just more of the same from the talented musician. The main problem is that the material's sparseness needs to be tempered with a melody, however obscure or hard to pick up. But this music goes beyond tranquil yoga anthems -- this is downright boring. The music meanders from point to point with very little connection or effort, and distinguishing the beginning of one song from the end of another is near impossible. Lee has produced some great stuff before, but he really hit a creative wall on Yoga Tranquility. Some may appreciate this on a purely ambient, meditative level, but most will find this a yawn-inducing platter that is devoid of a core, something that Lee could deliver in the past. ~ Bradley Torreano

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