You Can't Fix Stupid

by: Ron White

A payoff from his role in the Blue Comedy Tour's success, the audience Ron White plays to on You Can't Fix Stupid is huge. The comedian, however, hasn't changed a bit. He's still that rare rambler at the end of the bar who's entertaining while shooting his mouth off at the modern world and getting scatological whenever possible. The laziness White projects has been supported by a slow release schedule that includes his appearances on the Blue Collar albums, 2003's Drunk in Public, a couple DVDs, and a bunch of shoddy reissues of his early truck stop albums that really don't match his later work. It's admirable that White hasn't exploited the Blue Collar breakthrough like his old record company, but the big payoff of this restraint is You Can't Fix Stupid sounds road-tested to perfection despite White's informal delivery. Sleaze and swearing are abundant and all the explanation you need as to why raunchy man was the only member of the troupe to sit out the too-safe Blue Collar TV series. The brash brute's best material is unquotable in mixed company, meaning You Can't Fix Stupid is a party record for Mom and Dad only, mostly Dad. With straight stand-up and no half-baked novelty songs to clutter the album, the only letdown is that like too many other 21st century stand-up albums, You Can't Fix Stupid is the audio companion to a DVD instead of an entirely stand-alone album. Regardless, it's a solid release in an iffy discography and the best audio introduction yet to his Johnny Walker Black-soaked style. [You Can't Fix Stupid was also made available in a clean version, with all explicit material removed.] ~ David Jeffries

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