Birds of a Feather: The Best of Rough Trade

by: Rough Trade

Inundated with sexually explicit innuendo and taboo subject matter, Rough Trade was led by the crass but forceful vocals of Carole Pope, who along with Kevin Staples wrote the bulk of the band's music and lyrics. Best known for the sleazy-sounding "High School Confidential," Rough Trade was much more popular in Canada than anywhere else, but they did enjoy a hint of success in the U.S. The Best of Rough Trade is the most accessible and consistent album offered from this now defunct band. Bypassing huge amounts of unnecessary filler, this ten-song compilation includes all of their singles, highlighted by the seductive implications of "Crimes of Passion" and the overwrought feminism of "Weapons." "All Touch" kept up with Rough Trade's attempt at sounding sultry while "Fashion Victim" spotlighted the importance of looking good in the self-conscience '80s. Pope fails to emit the same roughness or jagged persona of, say, Joan Jett, but the songs do employ some rock & roll amicability. ~ Mike DeGagne

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