San Cisco

by: San Cisco

On their self-titled debut album, the Australian combo San Cisco are so cheerful and bright-sounding, they almost come across a little unbalanced, maybe even deranged. Bouncy melodies, open-hearted vocals, bubbling synths, and perky guitars fill every inch of the light and frothy songs, with even the sad songs delivered with a sweet smile. Surely no one can be that chipper and upbeat all the time, can they? Check the song "Fred Astaire," which finds the group's Jordi Davieson singing about how his girl should probably take off with this other guy because he's Astaire-like and Jordi's decidedly not. Sounds like a bummer, but the song is so happy, bouncy, and fun that you wonder just how sad Jordi is that she's splitting. It makes for an interesting dynamic that runs throughout the entire album, and while it's pleasing to the ear and soul to hear so much smiley music, one might wish for a few dark clouds to come along to provide another dimension to their approach. That being said, a whole bunch of really hooky, super poppy tracks here will get your feet moving and send you to a happy place. "Wild Things," "Fred Astaire," the almost maniacally buoyant "Lyall," and "Metaphors" all sound like imaginary radio hits, while "No Friends" sounds like an uncomplicated Phoenix and "Nepal" like a punchier Vampire Weekend. The rest is top-notch indie pop/rock with loads of giddy energy and melodic craft. ~ Tim Sendra

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