Power of the Night

by: Savatage

Signing to Atlantic Records after The Dungeons Are Calling, Savatage seemed ready to break, and, for Power of the Night, the band stayed away from the fantasy lyrics of their past to focus on pieces that dealt with modern problems, anger, and sex. While they continued to produce some exciting metal here, such as with the title track and "Necrophilia," there was nothing on the same level as "The Dungeons Are Calling" or "I Believe." Part of the fault for that lies in the production, which took the guts out of the band's sound. But the attempt at a pop-metal single, "Hard for Love," and several unremarkable lustful rockers did not play to the band's strengths. Only "In the Dream," the first real power ballad the band performed, points in any new direction, managing to be moving instead of perfunctory like many metal ballads often are. Featuring a nice use of keyboards, it closes an average album with a fine touch. ~ Geoff Orens

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