The Best of Silver Covention: Get Up and Boogie [Hot Productions]

by: Silver Convention

To a large portion of America's 1970s radio listeners, the name Silver Convention is synonymous with "that one-hit-wonder group that sang 'Fly, Robin Fly'." Indeed, the number one pop- and R&B-charting disco jaunt was to be the group's most successful single, followed closely by the similar-sounding number two hit "Get Up and Boogie (That's Right)." But on the strength of that classic, the German studio conglomerate -- spearheaded by producer Michael Kunze and arranger Silvester Levay -- released a total of five albums during the latter part of the '70s and came up with a bundle of international dance hits. Not surprisingly, oodles of CDs compiling these ditties started surfacing with the disco nostalgia of the early '90s. Given that much of the group's material relies on formula -- steady disco backbeat, dramatic strings, and inviting melodic lines sung in unison -- there aren't many differences between most of these collections that will stand out to the average listener. But this collection by Hot Productions is the most hit-laden of the pack and wisely includes the full-length versions of the most important tunes. "Fly, Robin Fly" and "Get Up and Boogie" are each included in nearly eight-minute formations, and ardent disco fans will appreciate the inclusion of staples like "Save Me," "Always Another Girl," "Telegram," and "Spend the Night With Me." An additional smattering of nine internationally charting singles and various album tracks round things out. With 15 tracks total, this collection is a consistent, well-rounded representation of what made Silver Convention more than a one-hit wonder. ~ Justin M. Kantor

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