Party Lights: More of the Best

by: Slave

Party Lights is the sequel to 1994's Stellar Funk, and it picks up where its predecessor left off, focusing on Slave in the '80s while tying up loose ends from the previous decade. The group made a smooth transition into the '80s and remained formidable throughout the first half of that decade; though they rounded off the gritty edges that made them one of the best funk bands of the '70s, their increased reliance on slower tempos and brighter sounds had more to do with evolution than a compromise for the sake of accessibility. Like Stellar Funk, Party Lights scatters a handful of tracks from Slave's offshoots, including a track apiece from Steve Arrington, Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame, and Aurra (who deserve to be regarded as a group in its own right, not just a pet project of Arrington's). The non-Slave inclusions are particularly puzzling since these Rhino compilations fail to exhaust Slave's charting singles -- neither "Shake It Up" (a number 22 black single) nor "Do You Like It" (number 73) are included. ~ Andy Kellman

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