The DeAndre Way

by: Soulja Boy

Everything wrong before is wrong again on Soulja Boy’s third effort, The DeAndre Way. Just like 2008’s iSouljaboytellem, this 2010 effort offers fun and simple singles that live or die by their hooks, and if you’re in the midst of a full-on party, you’ll respond “bammer bammer bammer” just like you’re supposed to when the party rapper offers “Speakers Going Hammer.” “Pretty Boy Swag” brings welcome reminders of when everyone was asking for their chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side, and with the 50 Cent team-up “Mean Mug” being an enjoyable mix of G-Unit thugging and ringtone rap wilding out, The DeAndre Way has already offered up a weekend's worth of highlights. It’s the filler than undermines it all with expired snap beats driving tired old ideas while Soulja Boy himself spouts rhymes about crushes and high school, simply listing his “First Day of School” gear on the insufferable opener. In the end, this is the same mixed bag as last time round with a half point subtracted for diminishing returns, and another half point subtracted for lessons not learned. ~ David Jeffries

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