Artifact: Perspectives

by: Sound Tribe Sector 9 / STS9

Artifact: Perspectives is the companion disc to Sound Tribe Sector 9's previous album, Artifact. It's a remix collection featuring new versions of selected songs from the original program rendered by an A-list roster of beat freaks, including Ming + FS, Bill Laswell, Bassnectar, and Karsh Kale, among others, and while none of the mixes is exactly groundbreaking or surprising, almost all of them are deeply groovy. Highlights include Laswell's dark, dub-drenched "Tokyo Shinjuku Flashback Mix," glitchy interpretations of "Better Day" and "By the Morning Sun" by Richard Devine and Metrognome, respectively, and Ming + FS' gloriously dreamy, hyperkinetically jungly take on "Tokyo." Elsewhere, Mr. Lif brings a strong hip-hop element to "Possibilities" and Bassnectar applies weird rhythmic changeups and Spike Jones sound effects to "Somesing," while Machine Drum turns "Tokyo" into a showcase for jittery funk breakbeats and Steve Reich-style glockenspiel loops. You'll be tired by the end, but it will be a good tired. ~ Rick Anderson

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