Reveille Park [Screwed & Chopped]

by: South Park Mexican

South Park Mexican is one of the more unique rappers in the gangsta rap genre; his smooth rhymes and excellent sense of rhythm have made his previous releases minor gems. Reveille Park is his tribute to his Latino roots. The album was released on the fifth of May (Cinco de Mayo, a traditional Mexican celebration) and consists of nothing but freestyles. Of course, the album is well-designed and produced, making it fairly obvious that there is more than just freestyle featured here. But it does seem like a large portion of this has been improved, and that sort of lyrical skill is quite impressive. Several of the songs are slow enough to see how it might not be that hard to freestyle over them, but many of the tracks are fast enough to really unveil an incredible rapping skill. The songs run a little long, and the lyrical content can be quite empty at moments. This is due to the general lack of subject matter, but South Park Mexican does his best to connect the rhymes he spouts. Plus, there are some very obvious moments that are predetermined, and that may help the music move in the right direction. Overall, this is a very interesting and fun album that may not be up to par with his usual material, but still features a wonderfully executed gimmick and some interesting production ideas. [Dope House issued a screwed & chopped remix version of the album in August 2003.] ~ Bradley Torreano

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