by: SR-71

SR-71's sophomore feat is a jumbled affair, displaying the band's willingness to be stretched in more commercial directions in hopes of finding broader success as a group. While the punk-pop smugness the band captured on its mediocre 2000 debut, Now You See Inside, is still quite evident, SR-71 has returned with an added adrenaline blast of alternative rock that can only be seen as a vain attempt at cashing in on the booming success that such acts as Linkin Park and Papa Roach have achieved in the year preceding this release. This is a rather negative glimpse at the group, but it is hard to consider such a turnabout as anything but a bid to garner mainstream appeal, considering SR-71 never seemed to contain this hard rock edge on past efforts. Aside from that, Tomorrow is an album rife with songs that easily could be huge hits with the teenage crowd, as vocalist Mitch Allan strikes a surprising impersonation of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. In fact, on songs such as the title track, one would be hard-pressed to differentiate between the two, excluding the weaker presentation brought to the plate courtesy of Allan. "My World" melds the poppish punk approach better with the hard rock style, yet the enthusiastic guitar riffs and energetic chorus buildup is an uncanny duplication of A New Found Glory's "My Friends Over You." While this is an album that appears to be geared toward commercial success and less intent on respectable credibility, Tomorrow scores points for fluidly crafting faceless radio hits, and it is fairly certain that the band will find a comfortable niche in the early-'00s hard rock boom, yet it is evident that SR-71 will join other corporate projects lacking integrity, such as TRUSTcompany and Dry Cell, as forgettable clones in the wake of Linkin Park's blockbuster achievements. Those looking for more original tunes should pass by this manufactured punk rock group and instead look toward more distinguished rock icons who are in the game for more than a few quick bucks. ~ Jason D. Taylor

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