Under Attack

by: The Casualties

The Casualties waste very little time with their hardcore punk ethic as displayed on the rowdy, rampant and frantic Under Attack that brings to mind Rancid and any other punk outfit worth their weight in gold. Lead singer Jorge shouts the lyrics; the chorus and rhythm section are airtight. They also keep the momentum flowing during the brilliant, brash and ballsy "In It for Life" and "Fallen Heroes." And "Without Warning" continues this sonic assault with drummer Meggers working double- if not triple-time. This song takes a brief turn into a leaner, meaner punk sound near the homestretch. It's basically old-school, take-no-prisoners punk during the catchy, infectious and fist-pumping "System Failed Us Again" and the equally pleasing "Social Outcast," which sounds like Social Distortion on high-speed dubbing. When the band slows things down to a galloping gait, as they do with "VIP," they nail the tune perfectly with a beer spilling, singalong chorus. The first departure from this blueprint is the longer "Down and Out," with its militaristic, rat-a-tat-tat backbeat. Under Attack winds up a mixed result as the screams resemble a death metal singer fronting a punk band. ~ Jason MacNeil

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