by: The Coasters

Park South's collection of hits by the transcendent rock & roll jokers the Coasters is about as welcome as Zell Miller at the next Kerry family barbecue. A statement like that may seem rash because it appears that quite a few of the group's smash hits are here like "Along Came Jones," "Poison Ivy," "Searchin'," and "Little Egypt." The only hitch is that the tracks here are not the original versions; they are re-recordings done at a much later date by a bunch of imposters. They convey about 1/1,000th of the excitement, humor, and unrestrained joy of the originals. It is hard to know who deserves more scorn, Park South for releasing this travesty or the singers and musicians responsible for dragging the Coasters name through the dirt. Either way there is a great deal of scorn to go around. It is probably best just to forget the whole thing and hope that no one is suckered into buying this. There are some decent collections of their true hits on the market; hopefully people will find them instead. ~ Tim Sendra

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