by: The Handful

The first name that comes to mind when you hear the Handful could be Popa Chubby if you're familiar with the bluesman. Like Chubby, the Handful are gritty with the guitars, loose with the structure, and introspective with the lyrics. It's a gutsy combination, doing all this soul-searching over Marshall amps, but guitarist/vocalist Mark Duda has the conviction to pull it off. He's a wandering, stream of consciousness lyricist with a tough Monster Garage exterior over his poet's heart. Like everything else on the album, his verse could stand some polish, but the Handful are two guys doing it on their own, D.I.Y. all the way. Doing a thinking man's Molly Hatchet is a fresh idea and when Palmistry sacrifices perfection for nervy grit, it's a smart move. Jason Mischel's all over the place drumming shares Duda's vagabond spirit, he's rarely doing the same fill twice and is always 100 percent alive. Crisp studio recording exposes the band's rough edges more than a dusty roadhouse bar's sound system would. That's the Handful's natural home. Overdrive Palmistry through some crusty, beer stained speakers and you can feel it. ~ David Jeffries

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