by: The Mighty Lemon Drops

By this point the Mighty Lemon Drops no longer sounded exactly like Echo & the Bunnymen. But they do still fit squarely into that same, very well-defined and sonically limited Wall of Pop category. If you like moderately melodic pop music with lots of repetition and finely crafted, densely arranged guitar, this is the band for you. The Lemon Drops do write good songs, and occasionally even great ones: "Out of Touch" sounds like an outtake from the first Clash album (that's a compliment) and Susie Hug of the Katydids brings her effortless vocal grace to bear on the lovely "Falling Deep." For the most part, though, the songs on Ricochet run together into fuzzy musical mush. Mostly what these guys get praised for is melodicism, but you can't really hear it -- instead, what you mostly hear is texture. It's good texture, but it just doesn't ever seem to be enough to sustain interest for the length of a whole album. ~ Rick Anderson

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