Say It with Love

by: The Moody Blues

Say It With Love presents 16 previously issued love songs from the Moody Blues in remastered format. It predictably begins with the group's two biggest hits, "Knights in White Satin" and "Your Wildest Dreams." But the set goes downhill from there, unless you're a fan of the group's more saccharine 1980s and '90s material. While vintage gems like "New Horizons" and "For My Lady" are nice inclusions, the majority of Say It With Love is about as substantial as cotton candy. "Bless the Wings (That Bring You Back)" is a guilty pleasure culled from the tepid 1991 effort Keys of the Kingdom, but the robotic "Say It With Love" and the George Harrison rehash ("Give Me Love" anyone?) of "Lean on Me (Tonight)" -- also from Keys -- appear here to dilute the festivities. Say It With Love should appeal to the Moody Blues' nostalgia tour fans, but it doesn't cast the group's latter-day material in a very flattering light. ~ Johnny Loftus

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