Family Reunion

by: The O'Jays

In the 1970s, Philadelphia International Records could seemingly do no wrong where the O'Jays were concerned. The Cleveland trio recorded one gem after another under Gamble & Huff's direction, and Family Reunion was no exception. Nothing on this CD has the angry bite of "Back Stabbers," "Don't Call Me Brother," or "Rich Get Richer," and the mood is upbeat and optimistic on everything from the uplifting "Unity" to the ballad "Stairway to Heaven" (not to be confused with the Led Zeppelin song) to the escapist party anthem "Livin' for the Weekend." With the intoxicating "I Love Music," the O'Jays stressed the soul side of disco and provided one of the most appealing hits of the disco era. From start to finish, Family Reunion was a valuable addition to a catalog that already had its share of treasures. [The 2010 reissue adds the Tom Moulton mix of "I Love Music."] ~ Alex Henderson

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