by: TobyMac

In 2001, dc Talk frontman tobyMac released his first solo project, Momentum. For the artist, also known as Toby McKeehan, the album marked a return to his musical roots, with a blending of hip-hop, rock, rap, pop, and R&B styles. In an interview with his label, ForeFront Records, tobyMac said that the album began "with my wife and I sitting down and praying, seeing if I was supposed to make a record on my own." "I wasn't feeling all that creative at the end of dc Talk's Supernatural tour, so we prayed a real specific prayer," tobyMac continued. "Once I felt I was supposed to do this, then we began praying for creativity. All of a sudden, there was this outpouring…basically a blank canvas with limitless colors." Fresh and innovative, the project leaves no room for mediocrity. Each track stands on its own, with no two tracks merging, but remaining clearly distinct while still managing to contribute to the album's unified whole. Accessible to a variety of musical tastes, the songs range from the intense, guitar-beat-rhythm-fused "Let's Get This Party Started" to the R&B-influenced "Irene," which opens with the sounds of Latin guitars and quickly shifts to rap. Momentum, an album reminiscent of dc Talk's early work, sets itself apart as a project highly deserving of the title "much anticipated." It is intricately detailed with layers of musical depth, combined with strong social messages such as racial reconciliation. And so it is with this release that tobyMac continues to reveal that he is indeed a modern day Renaissance man. ~ Ashleigh Kittle

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