Ruined Lives

by: Transistor Transistor

As evidenced by their 2008 release, Ruined Lives, it appears as though Transistor Transistor cannot decide if they're a metalcore or noisecore band. But hey, that's precisely what makes this New Hampshire quartet so darn lovable in the first place. With the band seemingly equally intrigued by melody and noise explosions, there are quite a few instances where the two worlds collide, such as the track "The Price of Gasoline," which sees singer Nat switch off between a Jeremy Enigk-esque croon and a Mike Patton-esque freakout scream. And the band follows suit musically, alternating between explosive post-hardcore energy and blast-your-amps-to-ten assaults on the senses. It's certainly become clichéd to say a rock album is meant to be played loud, but there are few instances in modern-day rock times that this advice rings as true as with Ruined Lives. ~ Greg Prato

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