No Apologies

by: Trapt

On their fourth album, No Apologies, Trapt return with a heavier, harder-edged sound than on their last couple of albums. Working with Drowning Pool and Disturbed producer Johnny K, the band retains its slick, radio-ready song, but adds a bigger, more driving element to it by way of huge, swaggering guitar riffage. While songs like “Sound Off” and “Overloaded” feel reminiscent to the band's hit single “Headstrong” (off their platinum-selling self-titled debut), the album isn’t without its more plaintive moments. “No Apologies” and “Are You with Me” show a (relatively) softer side of the band, though both songs still have their heavy moments. With this tighter, more aggressive approach, Trapt fans should be pleased to hear that the band is still able to keep things fresh after all these years. ~ Gregory Heaney

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