Bootyz in Motion

Perhaps the ultimate booty music compilation, Bootyz in Motion features all the big booty hits like Sir Mix a Lot's "Baby Got Back" and 2 Live Crew's "Me So Horny," as well as some lesser-known booty tunes. For those unfamiliar with this fairly obscure subgenre of rap, booty music came out of the South and featured rapid-paced disco beats and lyrics mostly about women's posteriors. It's pretty simple stuff, and it eventually mutated into the whole Dirty South sound, though booty music is distinctive in that its subject matter pretty much stuck to girls and booties, and rarely went beyond that. It is fun music, though one can only stand so much of it. This fine compilation put together by D.J. Magic Mike has all the hits, as well as a few songs that DJ Magic Mike has added beats to and turned into booty music, like Bone Thugs N Harmony's "Tha Crossroad." Fans of old school rap, as well as disco fiends, who somehow missed the booty music movement (as it didn't last very long) should check out this compilation. ~ Adam Bregman

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