Cruisin' 1969

An instantly recognizable bargain-bin staple since the late '70s, thanks to their colorful comic book covers tracing the romantic life of an Everycouple named Peg and Eddie, the Cruisin' series of discs is built on a brilliant concept: Each disc is devoted to a single year, with hit songs, local commercials, station jingles, and news headlines, all presided over by a noted DJ from the era, for a near-perfect recreation of that year's AM radio experience. The last two or three volumes of Cruisin' are the weakest of the lot. The DJ, Harv Moore of WPGC in Washington, D.C., is perfectly fine, if a little overly fond of bad puns and old gags, and the commercials and station jingles are interesting as always. However, the play list is far too dependent on oldies, with half of the ten songs being golden gassers, from the Champs' 1958 party rock classic "Tequila" to the Seeds' lysergic 1967 hit "Pushin' Too Hard." Surely some more of the gems from that year, like the Fifth Dimension's "Workin' on a Groovy Thing" and Desmond Dekker's early reggae hit, "The Israelites," could have been found, but on the other hand, the classic era of AM radio was already in the past in 1969, so it's unlikely that any version of Cruisin' 1969 could have been as thematically satisfying as the earlier entries in the series. ~ Stewart Mason

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