Golden Groups & Glitter Sounds

Golden Groups and Glitter Sounds is a strange 18-track collection that blends the '70s AM pop sounds of Vanity Fare ("Hitchin' a Ride"), White Plains ("My Baby Loves Love") and Looking Glass ("Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) ") with the heavier glam rock stylings of groups such as the Sweet ("Little Willy") and the Glitter Band ("Angel Face") and throws in some psych pop (Marmalade's "Reflections of My Life") and power pop (Badfinger's "Day After Day"). It would make for a very satisfyingly random and edifying listening experience were it not for one somewhat crippling problem. All the tracks have been re-recorded. They are pale and stiff recreations that aren't even a fraction as good as the originals. At least the label lets you know the score on the front cover, many of these types of discs let you discover it for yourself. Give them a point for honesty but none for listenability and minus one for looking like so much fun from a distance. ~ Tim Sendra

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