The DFA Remixes: Chapter One

Releasing an arsenal of material that even on their worst days is better than most labels on their best, the production duo/label known as DFA has been much in demand for the first half of the 2000s for their signature production aesthetic. But equally as intriguing is their approach to remixes. With an attention to deconstruction and detail, the duo fine-combs original recordings and turns out remixes that are unique and detached from their origin. This ethic is a rare commodity in the dance world, with only a few (Carl Craig, for example) ascending to such notoriety on the strength of remixing. This first in a series of compilations focuses on the early cream of the crop of DFA remixes. And while some of the artists on here are questionable at best, what's staggering about these nine tracks is how much it sounds like a cohesive artist album. Normally remix compilations are erratic and mildly unfocused, but that's certainly not the case here. Some of these tunes have become staples in eclectic DJ sets (Le Tigre, Soulwax, and Metro Area being the most popular) and sound just as fresh as they did nearly five years ago in some cases. Those who missed these gems the first time around would be hard-pressed to find another dance disc in 2006 that rivals the level of quality found here. Another notch in a win column already filled with high marks. ~ Rob Theakston

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