Don't Look Now

by: Way Out West

Way out West, the duo of Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff, were early arrivals to Britain's progressive house party, pioneering the sleek melodies and polished breaks of mainstream British dance during the early '90s, following closely on Oakenfold's vision of stadium house. After a self-titled 1997 LP debut saw them poised to blaze further trails, its 2001 follow-up, Intensify, was definitely a step backward; WoW sounded very confident, but the music lacked any hint of justification for that belief. Third album Don't Look Now isn't impressive, either. It's an admitted grab for pop-chart fame, with Warren and Wisternoff lugging along a new vocalist, Omi, who imitates the sound of many other female vocalists from house production units. (Her languorous voice is teased out with a few processing tricks.) What dance fans will move to is a far cry from what drives pop fans, and Don't Look Now has a hard time with both. Instead of sticking with the rest, Way out West should start thinking about what it was that made them distinctive ten years earlier. [Limited editions included a bonus-disc mix album that featured a few Way out West post-productions.] ~ John Bush

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