by: ZOEgirl

For those poor benighted souls who assumed that the photogenic-young-girls approach to pushing pop music was limited to the secular likes of R&B's Destiny's Child and pop's Spice Girls, we'd like to enter into evidence the easy-on-the-eyes trio Zoegirl. These three songbirds are practitioners of a thoroughly contemporary sound that bears echoes of both aforementioned acts, with one crucial difference; they sing about God. Though Zoegirl comes at the modern pop/R&B paradigm from a Christian perspective, you'd have to listen carefully to the lyrics to know it. It's not that they hide their faith-based message in a murky mix or extended metaphors, simply that the dynamic arrangements show off so much pop savvy (syncopated beats, bubbling synths, frothy guitars) that it's often difficult to focus exclusively on the words. In this manner, LIFE allows Zoegirl to have their Christian pop cake and eat it too.

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