A Made Up Sound

Dutch techno/bass producer A Made Up Sound is one of the two main aliases of Dave Huismans; with this one leaning more toward techno while retaining the off-kilter rhythms that define Huismans' work. Certain tracks resemble linear techno, such as "Rear Window" and "Sun Touch," but the vast majority of his output is designed to test dancefloors, notably on tracks such as "Take the Plunge [Beat Mix]" and "Half Hour Jam on a Borrowed Synth." Born in the Netherlands, Huismans first discovered electronic music in his early teens; by reading the paper to find out the weekly charts he discovered an entirely separate chart for electronic and dance music, curious as to why he hadn't heard of a single track, his interest was piqued to discover more. From there he gathered as many dance music compilations on CD as he could, developing an omnivorous taste in the process. He developed music as both 2562 and A Made Up Sound simultaneously, with the latter's debut 12" "Sunday/Late Drive" arriving in 2006 via Philpot, while the debut for 2562, Kameleon, followed in 2007 via Tectonic. Although mostly known to release 12" records, he did vary from the formula from time to time, notably in 2008 upon the release of Shortcuts; while not quite a full-length record it did feature 20 snippets and short-form tracks. For the most part, A Made Up Sound released music through his own label of the same name, which was set up to have a limited run of ten releases beginning in 2009, the first five of which arrived in quick succession. In the meantime, he released music on a selection of other labels, including Delsin, 50 Weapons, the Trilogy Tapes, with three separate releases in the Archive series through Clone Basement. Normally not interested in collaborating, Huismans made an exception with Dynamo Dreesen and SVN, with whom he would regularly work with to release tracks through their labels Acido Records and SUED respectively. The "Bygones/Peace Offering" 12" closed out the aforementioned run of the Made up Sound label, which he commemorated with a compilation of 20 remasters titled A Made Up Sound: 2009-2016. A second pseudo-album arrived in 2018, At Klangendum, which featured two tracks clocking in at 46:20; both were recorded in a single session at the studio of the same name. ~ Liam Martin

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