Without question, Dutch DJ/producer Angerfist is one of the biggest names in 21st century hardcore techno. His unrelentingly intense tracks feature heavily distorted kick drums pounding away at around 150 or 160 BPM, menacing sawtooth synthesizer melodies, and aggressive samples or shouted vocals. Easily recognizable by his white hockey mask and black hoodie, Danny Masseling has appeared at nearly every major hardcore festival and gained a widespread international fan base. In concert, he is joined by MC Prozac (Minne Roos). Masseling was born in 1981 and began producing music as a teenager. He sent a demo to infamous gabber producer DJ Buzz Fuzz, who started a label called BZRK Records. Masseling began releasing music as Menace II Society on BZRK in 2002, with other EPs being issued by different labels under the names Kid Morbid and Angerfist the same year. While releases under all of these names made an impact on the hardcore scene, he established Angerfist as his main persona, and instantly became a popular live act. Several Angerfist EPs continued on Masters of Hardcore, and by the time double-CD/DVD Pissin' Razorbladez arrived in 2006, he was the leader of the newstyle, or mainstream, hardcore scene. Another double-CD, Mutilate, arrived in 2008, launched by a successful live event. Further EPs and mix CDs followed, and Angerfist began appearing on DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 list, a rarity for any hardcore DJ. Triple-CD Retaliate appeared in 2011; unlike the first two Angerfist albums, this one was distributed by Cloud 9 Dance, so it wasn't as hard to find as his previous releases. The Deadfaced Dimension, another triple-CD, followed in 2014, followed by double-CD Raise & Revolt in 2015. ~ Paul Simpson

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