Rapper Bazanji made his official debut with a coolheaded anthem of determination and aspiration titled "Right Now" (2015). Since then, he has self-released dozens of singles, some of which were included on the full-length Mixed Feelings (2017), and through licensing deals has expanded his fan base with the motivational "Runnin'" (2018). A proudly independent artist, Bazanji also mixes, masters, and sometimes produces his work, and rarely incorporates guest verses -- all the while remaining a full-time dental student at the University of North Carolina. Shad Albarazanji was born in England -- where his parents had moved from their native Kurdistan -- and at the age of six relocated with his family to the U.S. He fell for rap music during middle school when he heard Kanye West's Graduation. In high school, he started making music, and seriously pursued his outlet as a freshman studying dentistry at the University of North Carolina. On New Year's Day 2015, Albarazanji made his official debut with "Right Now," a coolheaded anthem of determination and aspiration. A spate of additional self-released singles followed into 2017 and culminated that November with Mixed Feelings, a ten-track album consisting of previously released material amid a few new tracks. By then, Bazanji's singles were regularly streamed in the millions. A broader audience was reached throughout 2018, a year during which Bazanji released around a dozen commercial tracks, including "Runnin'," a motivational single licensed for numerous sports telecasts and the fourth installment in the Forza Horizon video-game series. Bazanji's steady rate of output continued in 2019 with tracks such as "2019" and "Escape." ~ Andy Kellman

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