Blahzay Blahzay

The Brooklyn duo consisting of DJ/producer PF Cuttin' and rapper Outloud first formed their alliance in 1985. Choosing a patient, indirect path rather than the fast track, the duo worked behind the scenes for ten years producing tracks for artists such as Masta Ace and Craig G. Their big breakthrough came in late 1995 with "Danger," a song that unexpectedly turned into a volcanic crossover hit. The song was spurred on by a catchy sample from Jeru Da Damaja's "Come Clean": "When the east is in the house/Oh My God." "Danger" brought the house down for many a month, proudly waving the flag of East Coast bravado in a time of dissension between coastal schools. Raising the bar of expectation extremely high for themselves, Blahzay's debut album, Blah, Blah, Blah, dropped in August of 1996. PF Cuttin's polished production earmarked the album with a distinctly clean-crafted sound that rivaled such established beat sculptors as Pete Rock and Premier. PF's beats were met squarely by the aggressive lyrical style of Outloud making for a potent combination. The album produced a couple more hits on the underground circuit including the stunners "Pain I Feel," "Good Cop/Bad Cop," and "Danger, Pt. 2" which included guest MCs LA the Darkman, Smoothe Da Hustler, and Trigga Tha Gambla. After their remarkably dynamic debut, the duo went back to their reclusive ways with PF making some noise on remixes and other production ventures. Blahzay finally reappeared briefly in 1999 with a three track maxi single entitled Federal Reserve Notez. ~ Michael Di Bella

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