The obscure late-'60s/early-'70s experimental/Krautrock outfit Brainticket originally formed in 1968, consisting of members from Swiss, German, and Italian descent. Although members came and went during their tenure together, their most popular lineup consisted of Joel Vandroogenbroeck (organ, flute), Ron Bryer (guitar), Werni Frohlich (bass), Coismo Lampis (drums), Wolfgang Paap (tabla), Dawn Muir (vocals), and Hellmuth Kolbe (potentiometers, generators, and sound effects). The multi-member band issued a trio of albums in the early '70s -- 1971's Cottonwoodhill, 1972's Psychonaut, and 1974's Celestial Ocean -- before disbanding. Brainticket resurfaced in the early '80s with a pair of albums, Adventure and Voyage, but soon disappeared once more. The late '90s saw Brainticket's hard to find first two albums reissued on CD. ~ Greg Prato

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