Chris Volz

Before he joined up with guitarist Jason Daunt to form Flaw in 1996, Chris Volz spent much of his childhood in turmoil. Orphaned and then adopted at age two, his life took a turn for the worse ten years later when his mother, an opera singer who had instilled a love of music into her son, committed suicide. Though he received professional help, he also found solace in hard rock and soft drugs. After being sent to a military school, from which he ran away, and a drug rehabilitation clinic, where he was out of place and from which he also escaped, Volz was eventually able to leave home for good at age 17 in order to pursue music. In Louisville, KY, he found the other members who would eventually become Flaw, and who he would record a few albums with before they broke up in 2004. Soon after that, however, Volz joined with another alt-metal Louisville group, Five.Bolt.Main, which released one studio disc before disbanding in early 2007. Volz then used this opportunity to began work on his debut solo disc, Redemption, which continued in the metal vein but also added poppier influences, and came out in September of that year. ~ Marisa Brown

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