Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes

As evidenced by their name, Disco Tex & the Sex-O-Lettes were a dance/disco outfit and one of the genre's originals formed in the early '70s (just prior to the world being swept up in the disco craze circa Saturday Night Fever). Formed by Bob Crewe and Sir Monti Rock III (born Joseph Montanez, who was a teen idol/talk show regular of the '60s), the gay-oriented group scored a pair of sizeable hits early on in their career, 1974's "Get Dancing" and 1975's "I Wanna Dance With Choo," as well as several full-lengths, including a self-titled release and Manhattan Millionaire (future dance singer Jocelyn Brown supplied backup vocals for the group for a time, as well). The group faded from view shortly thereafter, but with a renowned interest in '70s nostalgia came the '90s nad the group's two hits found their way once more on countless dance compilations. The group was also name-checked by the Pet Shop Boys on the song "Electricity" off their 1996 release Bilingual with the lyric "It's the greatest show with the best effects, since Disco Tex & the Sex-O-Lettes." ~ Greg Prato

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