Duncan Morley

A passionate Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter with a bent toward uplifting R&B and electronic-tinged pop, Duncan Morley broke through after DJ Paul Oakenfold remixed his single "If Time Runs Out." The song hit number 25 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart in 2013, and helped whet fan appetite for more. Prior to his chart success, Morley had endured a troubled adolescence. Arrested five times while still a teenager, he ultimately landed in a wilderness boot camp where the cold weather and isolation found him turning inward. The experience changed him for the better, and set him on his upward trajectory in music. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Morley knew he wanted to sing from a young age. However, by his teens his music was taking a backseat to other activities. He started getting in trouble, and was arrested several times. After stealing his friend's mom's car and leading police on a high-speed chase, Morley's parents sent him to a wilderness boot camp (among several other correctional facilities), where the isolation and remove from his life turned him around. He learned how to meditate, a skill he continued to draw upon after leaving the camp. Returning home, refocused his efforts on his music, and eventually moved to Los Angeles to study songwriting and production. At first he struggled, balancing his time in the studio with working day jobs and hustling for meetings with labels and executives. In 2013, his career got a boost after Paul Oakenfold remixed his song "If Time Runs Out," and put it out online. Audiences responded, and the song landed at number 25 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart. More songs followed, including the Mig Rizzo-produced "Evolution" and Badar's "You Gave Me Love." In 2018, Morley reached another creative and career plateau by collaborating with legendary rapper and hip-hop mogul Rick Ross on the upbeat single "Find You Now."

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