Elvira Kurt

Elvira Kurt's resumé boasts work with some of the most prestigious comedic institutions in a wide spectrum of media formats. She has worked as a standup comic, a television script writer, and a stage actor; has appeared on both large and small screen; and is a true comedic jack-of-all-trades. She got her start with the infamous Second City Theatre of Toronto and London, and after working through the ranks of their program, found work with a variety of positions in television for Comedy Central and the CBC. She has been a featured actor in the Toronto and Vancouver productions of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues, and is best-known for her solo stage work, which draws on her experiences as a homosexual and satires issues of the gay and lesbian community. Perhaps the most notable of her solo stage work is with her original production of Viva Elvira!, which has debuted in Los Angeles and Toronto. Kurt released her first comedy recording in 1999 with Kitten With a Wit, and followed it up with Live From Las Vegas. ~ Nate Cavalieri

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