Flux Pavilion

English producer Flux Pavilion started making tracks while still in his teens, focusing on building his own breed of infectious and high energy dubstep. He quickly grew from self-releasing songs online to issuing new vinyl 12"s with various labels and touring internationally, eventually getting to a new level with his 2010 track "I Can't Stop", which was sampled by Kanye West and Jay Z .The producer collected some of his sharpest work for 2015 debut album Tesla. DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Steele took the name Flux Pavilion around 2008 when he released the track "Cheap Crisps" as a digital download. Steele had grown up in Towcester where his neighbors were his early musical perspectives had been especially inspired by dupstep producer Rusko as well as classic rock acts like Bowie and Zappa. At the time, he and like-minded producers Doctor P and Trolley Snatcha had been playing in guitar-based bands together, but after downloading some music creation software, they agreed the future was digital and were set on their electronic paths. Fast forward to 2010 and Flux Pavilion had made a name for himself with plenty of club hits, remixes, and DJ gigs, but that year's "I Can't Stop" took his career to another level. Two "fans" Steele met on a tour of America asked to sample the cut for their upcoming hip-hop album, and a year later "I Can't Stop" became the basis of "Who Gon Stop Me" on Jay-Z and Kanye West's joint effort Watch the Throne. Flux Pavilion's hit track "Bass Cannon" arrived that same year, along with a collaborative cut with Doctor P, "Super Bad." He released several EPs including 2010's Lines In Wax and 2013's Freeway before a proper studio album materialized in the form of 2015's energetic Tesla. The album included cameos from artists ranging from media personality Riff Raff to old school Afrika Bambaataa affiliates Soulsonic Force. Always busy, Steele continued releasing Flux Pavillion singles, EPs and remixes throughout the 2010's, collaborating again with Doctor P on the Party, Drink, Smoke EP in 2016 and offering up new tracks like "Party Starter" and "Room To Fall" as the years went on. ~ David Jeffries

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