Harlem World

His moment in the spotlight may have been brief, but Mase certainly scored a number of hits during the late '90s alongside his mentor, Puff Daddy, and attempted to capitalize on that success with Harlem World, his spin-off group. On paper, the group seemed incredibly promising: Mase had first scaled the charts with his debut album of the same name, Harlem World (1997); he then remained omnipresent throughout the two years leading up to the debut of his group; and most importantly, he had two leading pop-rap producers, Puff Daddy and Jermaine Dupri, supporting him. However, this didn't translate into the sales Dupri had surely hoped for when he signed Harlem World to his So So Def label, as the Kelly Price-featuring lead single, "I Really Like It," didn't cross over as much as expected and the album itself, Movement (1999), tanked quickly. This disappointment proved to be a fatal omen when Mase's long-awaited second album, Double Up, also tanked and signaled the end of the rapper's brief moment atop the often whimsical rap game. In retrospect, Movement remains somewhat noteworthy for its Neptunes productions, "One Big Fiesta" and "Not the Kids," which preceded the duo's remarkable rise to prominance, which came shortly thereafter. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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