Harvey & the Moonglows

Not related to the Moonglows except for the presence of Harvey Fuqua as leader and lead singer, Harvey & the Moonglows' other members in their initial lineup were Marvin Gaye, Reese Palmer, James Knowland, and Chester Simmons, all recruited by Fuqua wholesale out of their original group, called the Marquees, from Washington, D.C. Gaye was to sing lead on their 1959 single "Mama Loocie," his first lead vocal on a record, and lasted with Fuqua through several lineup changes. Eventually Harvey & the Moonglows crossed paths and lineups with the early Spinners, before Fuqua ceased making recordings for his own small label Tri-Phi and moved to Motown. A latter-day version of the Moonglows performed on a 1999 PBS television special, and a Fuqua-led version of the group recorded updated renditions of traditional R&B favorites for the subsequent Harvey & the Moonglows 2000 album released on Fuqua's Resurging Artist label. Fuqua died of a heart attack at a Detroit hospital on July 6, 2010; he was 80 years old. ~ Bruce Eder

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