Henricus Albicastro

Henricus Albicastro is also known as Heinrich Weissenburg and Johannes Hendrik Weysenbergh, Viennensis. He is considered to be a Swiss composer and violinist who lived in Holland. It is clear at least that he was enrolled in the University of Leiden (1681) and probably lived a while in Amsterdam. The major reference to Albicastro comes from the words of Quantz's autobiogrpahy when Quantz discusses his particular studies of the violin. "In the same breath" Quantz refers to Albicastro, Biber and Walther the latter two being known for their prowess on the violin. Accordingly Albicastro is thought to have been an erudite player. His compositions, including sonatas and concertos, were current regarding the structures of the chordal progressions and sequences. Albicastro also demonstrated a facility with chromatics and learned baroque stylings. ~ Keith Johnson

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