Contemporary Christian pop group Hyland were formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, led by singer, guitarist, and songwriter Jon Lewis along with guitarists Matt Lennander and Tim Neff, bassist Lee Carter, and drummer Steve Weigel. Hyland performed locally and grew their regional fan base for years before gaining enough steam to embark on a national tour, but they managed to self-release two EPs between 2008 and 2009, Polyphonic Telegraph #1 and Quotients. In 2010, their momentum led them to a record deal with long-running Christian indie label Tooth & Nail, and by 2011 the band released its proper debut album, Weights & Measures. The floodgates of touring and exposure opened at this point, and the band embarked on multiple tours as well as cycled through some lineup changes. By 2012, a new configuration of the band was in place, with Ben Early joining in on keyboards and backing vocals and Neff, Carter, and Lennander moving on, replaced by guitarist Mitch Hansen and bassist Josiah Erickson. The new version of Hyland took to the road and eventually came back with sophomore album Finding Our Way in October of 2012. ~ Fred Thomas

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