Jennifer Day

Jennifer Day describes herself as a lover of fashion, big cities near the beach, sushi, and children, but "most of all, music." Born and raised in north central Florida, Jennifer's love of music was clear when she moved audiences to tears with her songs while performing at various school and community-related functions. Still just a hobby for her, Jennifer says "homework came first." During her senior year in high school, Jennifer's parents would send simple taped recordings of her songs to friends and family. At one of Jennifer's grandmother's regular poker games, her grandmother was playing one of these tapes with Jennifer's songs mixed in with some of Patsy Cline's. The ladies would comment about "how good that Patsy Cline is," but it was Jennifer! One of the poker players was the aunt of Bob Jamieson, president of RCA in New York. The tape went to Jamieson and then made its way into the hands of the chairman of RCA's label group in Nashville, Joe Galante. Galante immediately recognized two of the three songs on Day's tape -- they were by fellow RCA songbird Martina McBride. Galante thought it took "real chutzpah" to send that tape and Day learned of RCA's interest in her when she'd just turned 18, graduated high school, and got married. In spite of all the milestones that occurred in her life in just three short months or perhaps because of them, Day moved to Nashville just one month after learning of RCA's interest. Day met up with producer Robert Byrne and co-wrote four of the 11 songs on her debut album, The Fun of Your Love. ~ Maria Konicki Dinoia

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