Jimmy Henderson

Anyone who sees the title The Wild Bunch and thinks first of the 1999 Black Oak Arkansas reunion album, and not of the great Sam Peckinpah Western, really needs to get a life. Such a person would, however, immediately recognize Jimmy Henderson as being a replacement lead guitarist deep into the Black Oak Arkansas game, and would not come near mistaking him for the Jimmy Henderson who co-wrote the velvety ballad "I Miss You So." Nothing velvety about the Black Oak Arkansas material, and that song title would never have suited lead singer James Mangrum's feelings about any of his girlfriends, unless of course they had not rebounded quickly enough from a beer run. In this sense, lovers of both Peckinpah and this Southern rock band can come together in relishing the sleaze factor; Mangrum and the slew of bandmembers such as Harvey Jett and Stan Knight, are all of a type who would have fit right into the posse of misfits Robert Ryan is forced to lead on his noble mission in the film. By 1975, things were mellowing out, and despite a nod from Mangrum protégé Ruby Starr, it might have been a little too much when the opportunity presented itself to replace Harvey Jett. It began a period when the group's membership changed so fast that there wasn't even time to come up with good ol' nicknames for each new bandmember. Henderson's recording credits taper off in the '80s, when Black Oak Arkansas effectively ceased to exist. ~ Eugene Chadbourne

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