Jonas Bering

Frenchman Jonas Bering's minimal productions are often dub-influenced, which aligns him with Berlin-based camps like Chain Reaction and Basic Channel more than Cologne's Kompakt, a label he frequently records for that leans toward icy tech-house more than anything else. However, it's probably Bering's inability to paint himself into a corner with one sound that endears him to the Kompakt brass. 2000 was a breakout year for the producer. His full-length debut, Bienfait, was released by Kompakt; the 12" Emballages was also issued on the Cologne label before the year drew to a close. From the Nape of the Neck followed on Logarhythm, and Bering performed at Montreal's Mutek Festival that year, featured alongside Kompakt cronies Dettinger, Closer Musik, and Tobias Thomas. Another 12" for Kompakt, Marine, was issued in 2002. Bering's second album, Sketches for the Next Season, arrived on the label in 2003; the album was less dubby and more melodic than his previous releases. Bering's next few singles appeared on other labels such as Defrag Sound Processing and Sentrall Records, but the label issued his EPs Behind This Silence and Lost Paradise in 2006. Seattle-based Kupei Musika released Cityscape, Bering's split EP with Kate Simko, in 2007, and the following year, Kompakt issued Can't Stop Loving You. The EP's longing, infectious title track featured vocals by Aubelia Petit, and was Bering's most pop-oriented track to date. Greek label Klik Records rounded up tracks from Bering's singles and EPs on CD compilation Behind the Silence, also issued in 2008. Other than a few remixes and contributions to Kompakt's Total compilation series, Bering mostly kept quiet for the next several years until resurfacing in 2014 with the full-length Regain, released by Japanese label Fountain Music. He made his return to Kompakt in 2015 with a remix of "The Magical Party," the debut single by the Silent Ones. ~ Andy Kellman & Paul Simpson

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