Singer/songwriter and musician Kaleah LaRoche was raised outside of Oakville, WA, on a large dairy farm surrounded by the beauty and strength of nature. Her father died when she was only a year old, and maybe his loss at such an early age left her searching for something, something she found in music. By the age of 16, LaRoche enjoyed recording tunes for family and friends. She also took pleasure in entertaining audiences, and was performing with both a swing choir and a rock & roll band. She worked with private coaches and studied music throughout school, even into college. In 1989 LaRoche recorded a cassette titled Spirit Wings. She started work on a full-length album in 1995. It was a long, hard journey for her to find just the sound and feel she was aiming for. That began to happen when two years later she teamed up with Richard Keene, a composer and pianist. Together Keene and LaRoche built a top-of-the-line recording studio and came up with their own label, Firedance Records. After years of working on her album, From the Shadows, it finally reached completion in 2000, and hit the market under the Firedance label. Some of the new age numbers on the recording are "Sweet Sensation," "Pieces of My Life," "Love Is the Way," and "Spiritual Chaos." LaRoche didn't waste any time going to work on her next album, that she planned for release in late 2001. ~ Charlotte Dillon

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