Better known as Locomotiv GT, LGT were one of Hungary's most famous rock acts, releasing more than 20 albums in different languages and performing and writing a number of musical theatrical events. Founding members Gábor Presser, Károly Frenreisz, Tamás Barta, and Jósef Laux were all experienced musicians, but were unhappy in their previous roles, and in 1971 brought Locomotiv GT into the world. From its inception to 1977, the band released five independent albums, including the 1973 production of the musical play An Imaginary Report on an American Pop Festival, working with famed producer Jimmy Miller, and recording and performing in the United States. But tensions were high, and in 1977 the band almost called it a day. A major roster shakeup (out were Frenreisz, Barta, and Laux; in were Tamás Somló, János Karácsony, and János Solti) and the addition of lyricist Dusán Sztevanovity got things back on track, and Locomotiv GT were ready to enter the next phase of their long career. A handful of albums appeared, all of which made waves at home, and in 1982 EMI came calling, offering the band a deal to record three albums in English for the English market. Unfortunately, the output was not as successful as the parties involved had hoped, and LGT returned to working at home and concentrating on their Hungarian and Eastern Bloc fan base. In 1986 LGT decided enough was enough, and split. The move, which did see the members continue to work under different projects as different aspects of the LGT "whole," didn't last long, and in the mid-'90s LGT were back, playing festivals and shows all over Hungary. In 1999 the band started its own festival, the LGT Festival, which continued through the summer of 2007. ~ Chris True

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